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Multiple Instagram Accounts on One Phone

This has been bugging me for a while, as the more I work with clients the more some want me to manage more aspects of their social networks, and Instagram being the one fed from mobile is a pain to constantly log out from my... Read more

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Moving to secure hosting

A while ago Google advised that one of the ranking factors it would consider in a websites page rank was secure hosting.

This means your website address starts with https rather than just http.

So what is it and why?

Google said in a recent... Read more

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Why pay for your website to be updated?

I've been asked this a number of times this year.

If you don't update the content managment system (WordPress or Drupal) the chances are it will get hacked and that's not a risk you should take.

So here's a copy of an email I sent... Read more

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Is Drupal 8 end of line?

Drupal went to version 8 last year with various technical upgrades, there's an interesting article on LinkedIn here


I think the key quote for me is;

"First in line from old monolithic CMS's to fade out is Drupal."

I lost 2... Read more

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Old Bakehouse West Linton

I've worked with the Old Bakehouse for a while now and was really pleased to get this testimonial from Ian.

"I have worked with Steve Douglas over the past eight months in his delivery of our new website for the Old Bakehouse West Linton. I... Read more

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