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Is Drupal 8 end of line?

Drupal went to version 8 last year with various technical upgrades, there's an interesting article on LinkedIn here


I think the key quote for me is;

"First in line from old monolithic CMS's to fade out is Drupal."

I lost 2... Read more

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Old Bakehouse West Linton

I've worked with the Old Bakehouse for a while now and was really pleased to get this testimonial from Ian.

"I have worked with Steve Douglas over the past eight months in his delivery of our new website for the Old Bakehouse West Linton. I... Read more

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Timely Twitter Post

I've worked on the podcasts for the Edinburgh International Book Festival for a number of years now, and we do a schedule of 3 a week, normally based on the order we get author approvals, occasionally with some prioritised because of literary awards or similar.... Read more

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2016 Book Festival Podcast Series

Just launched the 2016 Edinburgh International Book Festival podcast series on the iTunes store with events from A.C. Grayling and Billy Bragg so far, with Frederick Forsyth coming up on Wednesday.

Three events will be added over the next few weeks on Monday, Wednesday... Read more

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Short Video Clip

Here's the video clip from the Old Bakehouse photo shoot, I must admit I prefer concentrating on either stills or video at the one time, but you get a little bit of a sense of the service on offer. Filmed in full HD but reduced... Read more

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